Executive PA or EA Course

Executive PA or EA Course

Price: £799.00

Objective and overview

To provide students with the expertise and confidence to perform their Executive PA / EA roles effectively. The course delegates gain job readiness and confidence in their ability to get their first job as an Executive PA. It will also enable students, already working as Executive PAs, to consolidate their knowledge and gain greater confidence in their current roles as an Executive PA.


  • All of the class is in a tutor led workshop environment
  • Internationally recognised as an in-house training provider
  • Greater technical competence and understanding of all of the key requirement of  EA careers
  • High readiness for your job following course completion
  • Our Career experts will provide assistance with the development of your CV and job hunting
  • Develop your confidence through imprving your career, in our work simulated and interactive exercises
  • Gain insight into the management process and how best to perform at an executive level
  • Soft skills training for EA’s to perform appropriately at a senior level job
  • Techniques to revamp your skills, stay ahead of your field and manage your own career development


       On the job skills

  • Writing business letters at Exec PA
  • The transition from PA to Executive PA or EA
  • Optimal document presentation
  • Proofreading skills
  • Leading in meetings and taking initiative
  • Practical exercises for minute taking
  • Audio transcription practice
  • Typing speed training(optional)

       Career Performance

  • Confidence development for handling executive environments
  • How to synchronise your role with your executive
  • How to form priorities, organise your role / career and synchronise them to your executive
  • Delegating, multi-tasking and learning how to take the initiative

       Executive Skills

  • An overview of Management theory
  • The different styles of executives
  • Building a good professional relationship with your executive/s; providing optimised support

      Communication skills

  • Effective use of communication
  • The mix of communication skills; verbal and non-verbal communication
  • Effective questioning styles
  • Handling Office politics

      Other Business Skills

  • Understanding the impact of social media on your role and the business
  • An intoduction to Project Management and Event Management for EAs
  • Negotiations; this can be internal or external.

       Developing relationships at Executive Level

  • Managing relationships with colleagues and understanding what they think
  • Identify and manage stakeholders and their role.
  • Assertive vs. aggressive vs. passive
  • Saying "no", how and when to do so

       The Future

  • Advance your career with a clear and coordinated plan
  • Map out your future career

Format And Outcome

The main course is tutor led. There is a management / soft skills training tutor that combines with an experienced PA tutor.

Practical and interactive style of teaching.

The course is a component unit of the overall Executive PA Diploma


  • Main Course exam success will provide you with a Certificate at Pass, Merit or Distinction
  • If you wish an overall Diploma you should consider the Executive PA Diploma Programme.

(exemptions may be applied for).

Dates and duration

The course runs over three full days 10:30 to 17:00.

What do I need to join, who is this course for?

You need a good secondary education plus keyboard skills and good business or secretarial experience. If you do not have these, it may be that the PA Secretary course will be needed before taking this course. Our Executive PA Diploma Programme includes the latter course in any case. You can gain advice on this from the centre.

This course is suitable for a variety of people such as:

  • Existing secretaries or PA’s looking to upgrade their skills and obtain certification.
  • Company employees looking for related training.
  • Experienced people from other sectors looking for a career change
  • Graduates of the Souters’ PA/Secretary course or similar quality training programme (check with the centre on latter)