Executive Assistant Advanced Level - Communications and Negotiations

Executive Assistant Advanced Level - Communications and Negotiations

Price: £499.00


A concentrated single day of training specifically designed to improve communication skills to a successful effective level, ironing out any problems in communicating in a business setting.  We will show how negotiation is needed every day in your work setting. Developed exclusively by Souters so drawn from considerable experience training in this area.


To deliver an intense training day in a stress-free environment. To support you in acquiring the skills underpinning effective communication and negotiation thereby enhancing your confidence and use of  influence as a tool.


Course delivery is in a relaxed atmosphere with no preset assumptions; fully interactive course with a mature experienced facilitator and other delegates of similar backgrounds. One day 10:00 to 16:30, lunch provided in house. This course is focused on the practical application of course material.


  • Make your communication effective; ensure you get the results you want or need
  • Not only top managers can be influential; see how to use influence at your level within the organisation
  • Communicate to get results with external contacts and key people.
  • How to handle difficult situations
  • Effective use of questions
  • Enhance relationships with your colleagues
  • Be able to explain concepts and processes, even difficult ones, in a way others can readily understand
  • Be confident at meetings.
  • Listen actively and effectively
  • Acquire skill in  negotiation and apply this in your daily routine with both internal and external contacts.
  • Originate your own opinions as a way to increase your influence.


  • One day course 10:00 to 16:30 with lunch included. See schedule for dates.

Is it for me?

Good for PA’s, EA’s, Executive PA’s, Office Managers

People do not do what you want or need them to do?. When bargaining, do others get the edge up on you? Would you like to be more confident in meetings and be regarded as an opinion former with influence?  Do others seem to have the flair and communicate more effectively?

If you need to improve your negotiation and communicating skills then join the next course!