Office Manager Course

Office Manager Course

Price: £899.00


To understand the true nature of this function within a company. To focus the skills on truly effective implementation through interaction with subordinates and,  in turn, senior company executives. To prepare delegates for further career progression.

Course Format

This is a live scheduled five day interactive course with at least two experienced tutors, one from an administrative and one from a managerial background.

A mixture of theory and interactive exercises; role-play.

Course Content

The course joins the necessary theory with interactive sessions, practical examples and role play. During the first two days we cover:

  • The importance and effect of policy and procedures within an organisation
  • Business  writing styles
  • Document presentation and the creation of letters, emails, faxes etc.
  • Understand the organisational chart and application thereof
  • The importance of proper Health and Safety procedures in the office
  • How to relate effectively to legislation and its related compliance
  • The skills you need to handle clients
  • An explanation  of codes or practice, staff handbooks etc.
  • Working effectively as a team member
  • The importance of budgeting and the target setting process
  • An introduction to management styles and concepts
  • Efficient systems for filing and keeping organisational records
  • Diversity and equal opportunity; non-discrimination in practice
  • Effective use of time; proven ways to manage it effectively

From Day 3

  • Understand the role and responsibilities of Office Managers, examine and discuss a typical job profile and description
  • Getting on with your  colleagues
  • A fascinating insight into modern  management theory and its practical effect on you in your role
  • Effective delegation and its importance  in overall staff development
  • How to use coaching as a valuable tool to improve staff performance and your relationship with your staff
  • Various ways of measuring office work throughput
  • The implementation and integration  of HR (Human Resources) functions and activities
  • Managing conflict in the workplace
  • A systematic approach to problem solving
  • Identifying the importance of a decision and using appropriate resources and logical process to arrive at good decisions
  • The all-important creation of useful goals and setting related priorities
  • Results feedback in relation to planned objectives
  • What is stress? How can we manage and control it.
  • An overview of Project management process and planning -  including resource allocation; running small projects

Dates and Duration

Five day course; assessment to be taken on the last day. Date and times as per course schedule

Suitable for

  • Existing administration staff looking to progress in their career
  • Existing office managers looking to consolidate their knowledge and efficiency and get related certification
  • People looking for a career change and up skilling

Course Requirements

At least a good level of secondary education.


Improved and more confident on the job performance

A true understanding of the role and how to operate efficiently within it.

Certification issued on successful completion


Improved employability and confidence on the job.

The ability to progress to higher positions using the techniques learned to prove your worth