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Souters has been a leading providing of business and office skills training since 1988. Some of our most successful graduates have taken our PA Courses, which are delivered live tutors in a face to face learning environment. Our tutors are both experienced as PAs and PA trainers. Here are some of the benefits of our courses:


- We have a range of course that cover different areas, to meet your training needs.

- We can cater from beginner levels through to Executive PA skills workshops.

- Our PA Courses vary; so that you can choose between a part-time or full-time training course.

- Our PA Courses are highly practical to help develop confidence, practical skills and knowledge.

- Work simulated exercises assist students in develop  their skills to a level of job readiness.

- Microsoft Office Training is available to varying levels. It can be added on to your Courses or purchased at a discounted price in the Diploma. You can select the program and level of learning in order to meet your training needs.

- Souters tutors are experienced professionals who have worked for many years as PAs and trainers. 

- PA Course has been designed specifically to meet demands of employers.


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  • Project Management for Executive PA and Office Managers - one day workshop
    OBJECTIVE To provide an extensive look into project management for people working in as an Office Managers, Executive PAs, PAs or other support roles. The course can be taken by anyone new to Projects, who is looking for an introduction to Projects. The course provides a thorough overview of P..
  • Audio Typing Course
    Course Aim and Benefits: Audio Typing or Transcription is a valuable and transferable asset to anyone looking to get a Secretary, Administrator or PA job and there are an every growing number of jobs that list the skills as a vital requirement. Audio typing training is for students who ha..
  • Miscellanoeous payment
  • Project Management Course for Executive PAs, PAs and Office Managers (2 days)
    OBJECTIVE Giving Executive PAs, Office Managers, PAs and any other role that wants it the knowledge and skills needed to work within project management whether that be as part of a team or on their own. This provides an in depth overview of Project Management theory, models, tools and skill..
  • Touch Typing Course - Online or in our centre
    Course Aim: To provide an engaging, flexible and user friendly approach to learning the skill of an accurate touch typist from beginners through to those that are advanced. To certify and highlight the skills achieved to benefit employment opportunities. Course Details: Flexibility is ke..
  • Business Writing Course
    Description This intensive course is specially designed to improve written Business English skills in commercial communication. Course Format This course is conducted in a classroom with an experienced, professional tutor. It is conducted as an interactive and thorough training session. Dif..