Secretary PA Diploma

Secretary PA Diploma

Price: £1,299.00

This Diploma provides the full grounding of skills which are needed to move into a PA or secretary role. By combining our live, face to face, Secretary PA Course with state of the art training in MS Office and typing skills.  A sure way of getting that PA job you feel is right for you.

Course Objective

Our objective for the student is to combine face to face training in all the important aspects of the  PA role with the necessary MS Office and keyboard, typing skills which are understood as being present in the modern PA.

Diploma Benefits

  • Secretary/PA course with face to face training in a totally two way classroom scenario.
  • Exceptionally sought after  qualification from top national and international locations
  • Modern employers and corporate clients  have given us feedback which has created our up to the minute highly creditable Diploma Programme ensuring confident work readiness.
  • Live real work situation exercises so you know you can do it
  • When complete you will have the confidence you need to succeed
  • Attain all the PA skills you need to perform with self-assurance  in your new role
  • CV Optimisation and preparation for that important interview; the interview itself
  • Souters continually works on  strong ties with efficient and busy recruitment agencies and employers
  • Microsoft Office training is included within this Programme as well as typing and audio typing skills

Diploma Content

  • The PA/Secretary course itself  (CLICK HERE)
  • Three MS Office products at beginner and proficient level which must include MS Word plus two from PowerPoint, Access, Outlook and Excel
  • A three month period after the course to complete the above plus typing and audio skills
  • All exams within the course and for MS Office individual subjects, typing and audio.


  • On completion of the content above issue of the main Diploma (Pass, Merit or Distinction) plus an additional MS Office certification.
  • Job hunting advice and workplace interface.
  • Successful students can use Souters as a reference source when applying for jobs.

Dates and course schedule

  1. The Diploma elements such as MS Office training and typing may be started before the main course if desired given typically 72 hours’ notice.
  2. The course takes place over one intensive week, Monday to Friday 11-4, part-time over five Saturdays (10:00 to 14:00) or ten weeks of a single weekday evening (18:15 to 20:15).
  3. Diploma students have up to three months from course end date to finalise all outstanding tests

The Pre-requisites for Students

It is advisable if you already have a good general level of education plus IT keyboard ability- some office experience will help. If you feel you lack one or more of these components you may consider our Secretary Foundation Level training. The centre can advise on this-contact us if in doubt.

Who is it for?

We get a wide range of students from all educational backgrounds and international locations and indeed many graduates use this course a bridge to successfully finding a job. People with secondary education as their point of leaving the school system are also developed confidently and assisted into the work place by this Diploma

Some profiles of recent graduates of the system:

  • Secretary or PA already in a job aiming to up skill whilst simultaneously obtaining a sought after qualification
  • Career changers who feel the PA or secretary field is right for them
  • School leavers and graduates looking to enhance their employability and earning potential
  • Career break returners who are looking to refresh skills and get an up to date focus.
  • Companies wishing  to embolden the skills of existing staff and new arrivals