Secretary Foundation Course

Secretary Foundation Course

Price: £399.00

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This course provides students with a realistic and practical introduction to the functions and skills required to gain an entry level job in this field


To provide entry level assistance to get your first junior administrative,secretarial or receptionist role. It can also be a foundation for students without a previous office background, in order to enable further career development on our Secretary PA Course or Secretary PA Diploma.


Provides a good beginner level range of foundation secretray/receptionist or admin assistant skills; creates confidence; facilitates early entry to job by creating job readiness.

We offer all successful students from this course, a £100 credit towards more advanced training at Souters.

Course Format

Starts with a 2 day tutor led course segment followed by supervision and assistance over a one month period on flexi-time to suit your schedule either at the centre or from home; all exams are completed at the centre.

Course Content

Foundation Office skills

  • Company structures and job roles;
  • Health and Safety;
  • Purpose of the Office;
  • Duties of a junior secretary;
  • Receptionist functions and duties;
  • Telephone etiquette and procedure;
  • Incoming and outgoing mail;
  • Basic HR dept functions;
  • Proofreading;
  • Touch typing to 25wpm; Copy typing;
  • Beginner training in MS Word, and your choice of one of MS PowerPoint, Outlook or Excel (all available in both 2007 or 2010).

Dates and Duration

Dates can be found on the schedules on this site CLICK HERE. The MS Office and typing elements of the course can be startedbefore the course start date, if requested, as many students are anxious to move into a job at an early date. The course times are extremely flexible to aid students who are unable to attend full time. We provide tutor-led classroom sessions for two days and then flexi-hours, home or centre based.

Course Requirements

Reasonable secondary education, common sense and the desire to get ahead. It is an introduction so there is no need for previous experience.

'I am very happy with the course. It was a very good decision! I would recommend it to everyone'. She further added that she '...would like to do the next level'.

Suitable for

Ideal for students searching for a starter job as a junior secretary or receptionist. It is great for school leavers, foreign workers looking to train for a first office job in the UK and people with experience in non-clerical work who want to get a new career.


Certification on successful completion after tests.