Typing/Audio Courses

Touch typing courses are available at our accredited Secretarial and Office Skills training college in London. We have specialised in training administrative and secretarial staff since 1988. Our typing courses are available online, using a state of the art training system. However, you can also attend a scheduled typing course with a live tutor, if you prefer this option. You should keep in mind that very few courses are now available in a live class format, when learning typing.

Audio typing skills can also be developed by signing up for our audio courses. Audio transcription is very popular in secretarial and legal industries, which widens career opportunities.

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  • Touch Typing Courses
    If you are someone that wants to brush up their touch typing skills then this one day course offered by Souters might well be the right choice for you. Souters have put together a fully inclusive class, which teaches you touch typing under the guidance of an experienced typist, so you get to learn f..
  • Beginner Office Skills
    Course Objective To teach you both IT Office Skills and typing skills so that you have exactly what it takes to work in an office, without any experience. How The Course Works The course follows a set structure of learning:  - Introduction to the course and what you should expect to..
  • Typing Course - Online