Virtual Assistant Course

Virtual Assistant Course

Price: £499.00

Course Objectives

To provide a VA with the necessary knowledge and confidence to establish themselves in their own VA Business.

Course Format

The course will take place in our training centre in London, on scheduled dates. There will be two live tutors, one covering business aspects, the other advising on marketing and social media/web based activity.

The course runs for 2 days from 10:30 to 16:30.

Course content

Sole trader, Partnership, Limited Company.

The pros and cons of incorporating and forming a Limited Company, giving consideration to easier forms of business structure, which may be more appropriate in the early stages. What to do in each case.

Legal, financial and operational

• Double entry bookkeeping/computerised accounting. Where does this fit in your business? Should you offer it?
• Client contracts, charge sheets, billing routine, terms and conditions etc.
• How much should I charge? A marketeer's approach.
• Cash flow explained
• Taxation. we explain if, and maybe when, the following may become relevant: ◦ VAT
◦ Corporation tax
◦ Business rates.

Marketing and client handling

• A look at conventional marketing as well as  your own internet marketing;
• Creating and developing a website, launching  a social media campaign, search engine optimisation etc.
• Managing your  customer relationships as your own boss.
• How to handle the first meeting with a new client.
• Soft skills- what, when and how
• Networking

Business Plan

A detailed and structured report on your idea and how to implement it. We will design your plan with you on the basis of all reas covered within this course and anything else relevant to the plan.:

Project management

• Individual projects
• Client record tracking
• Can I offer Project Management as a service?

Routine matters

• Creation of your own  professional operational area at home or elsewhere
• Establishing a work/life balance
• Planning daily/weekly schedules
• SMART goals
• Procedural manual for relief staff and allowance for your sickness or absence

The future

We get you set up and ready to go by the end of the course.

We offer a three month after course back-up as you go about getting started.

Possible Souters' Course Addons


• Sage Line 50 Training Programmes
• Microsoft Office Training
• Social Media and SEO Training Course
• Bookkeeping/Finance Training Course for a VA
• Managerial Soft Skills
• Secretary/PA Course

Course Requirements

Experience as a Secretary, PA or other Office Administrator is ideal. If you have another type of background get in touch with the centre for advice.


Opening a new business venture is a major step and it will require a range of skills.

This course provides the complete range of financial, legal, marketing, IT and managerial knowledge needed to open a new company and start a business as a VA.