Our Executive PA Courses are accredited by the IEAA. We offer a range of qualifications from the IEAA that help Executive PAs and prospective Executive PAs to gain skills and professional qualifications. All of the course content is designed by the experienced Executive PA and business leaders. Our Executive PA training provides the wide range of business skills that are needed to meet the demands of a modern Executive PA’s Career.

By using the expertise of an Executive PA, varying skilled business professionals and company feedback, we have ensured that our training program meets the needs of the modern employer.

We have a wide range of courses available:

  • Our core training program is the Executive PA Course, which suits people aiming to become Executive PAs and existing Executive PAs who are looking to consolidate their knowledge and gain a respected qualification. The course covers an invaluable set of skills with all of the core elements of being an effective Executive PA.
  • Executive PA roles are becoming more complex and varied as the fast-moving Executive level business world. This has led to many Executive PAs needing to increase their skillset with many specialities:
  • Project Management for an Executive PA provides a one or two-day workshop-style course to introduce an Executive PA to the skillsets used in Projects and some of the management techniques and models used in Project Management.
  • The Executive PA Advanced Course – Personal Effectiveness has been designed by a management skills trainer who focuses on the soft skills required by an Executive PA, in order to be effective at an Executive level. This helps Executive PAs consolidate their positions and continue to impress and improve in their senior positions.

    Executive PA Training Courses

    • The Executive PA Advanced Course – Communicating and Negotiating is another workshop designed by specialist soft skills trainers. They focus on the methods of effective communication and negotiation at an executive level in modern business.
    • The Minute taking Course is an interactive course that develops a specialist skill. It will develop the effectiveness of your minute taking abilities in a practical workshop
    • The Social Media Skills Course is aimed at modernising the skills of an Executive PA, in order to be able to set up and administer a social media campaign. This has been designed by a marketing specialist to help it interrelate to a training session that encompasses marketing and internet marketing.
    • We have finance courses for an introduction to more advanced finance so that you can effectively. Bookkeeping is a function that is always useful and has been requested by several of our Executive PAs in the past.