International Students

Souters has trained numerous clients from all over the world. International students find our central London location particularly appealing, as they get to meet a wide range of contacts from around the world, visit the main tourist sites and get a real work experience in a major English speaking commercial centre.

Our international students chose a variety of courses and whilst most join our scheduled course, some opt for specialist bespoke courses that are tailored to their own needs.

We also have a mixture of integration students, many are on paid trip that have been purchased by their companies and some attend our courses on their own reconnaissance.

We receive lots of foreign students who reside in London and are seeking to boost their qualification or gain a UK based qualification to strengthen their options in London.

Our courses are varied and can be tailored to your needs. It is possible to continue with some training after returning to your country. Meanwhile, if you are in London you can attend part-time and full-time courses.

If you have a specialist training requirement, we can develop bespoke training to suit your training needs. We have a range teaching staff from different professional backgrounds. Please contact us to discuss any interests in us develop a tailored program to suit your own needs.