This intense one-day Advanced Executive Assistant Course targets the areas you have identified as needing encouragement. As group sizes are small, we can work closely on individual areas needing improvement with the effect of bolstering and significantly improving performance in these identified areas.

We examine and correct any perceived obstacles to superior personal output in the workplace.


The course provides a relaxed and interactive platform to consider issues that hold you back at work. This process will empower you to overcome barriers and individuals who stop you from achieving your full potential; perhaps the biggest impediment to performance enhancement lies within.

Advanced Executive Assistant Course


An unworried environment with no presumptions of any kind; express your feelings and values through a positive interface with a highly experienced facilitator and a few others of similar backgrounds and issues: one day, 10:30 to 16:30 in a virtual classroom. The trainer is an experienced soft skills, management skills and business skills trainer.


  • The role of an Executive PA: the modern requirement of this role
  • Providing invaluable and targeted support to your manager and team
  • Improve your profile when dealing with top executives
  • Aligning the objectives of your role with the big picture
  • The art of managing upwards
  • Effective use of your team and broader resources through well-placed delegation
  • Effective and open communication with your manager
  • Confidence building from within
  • Methods to enhance assertiveness and yet retain the correct balance
  • Effective use of time
  • Plan your prospects, set realistic personal targets, and gain control of your career.

Should I attend?

Executive Assistants, Executive PA or Office Manager roles are ideal for this training; alternatively, you may be building your confidence base for an upcoming promotion or appointment. This is an Advanced Executive Assistant Course. This means a minimum of two years of related experience is essential to understanding the course format.


  • You will improve your profile as a key member of the managerial team who has influence within your key operational area and beyond in the more comprehensive corporate presence.
  • Gain an IEAA Accreditation Certification
  • The course can be used to attain your IEAA Executive Assistant Diploma.