The Office Manager Course – Level 4 Certificate was developed to help people understand the true nature of this function within a company. To focus the skills on truly effective implementation through interaction with subordinates and,  in turn, senior company executives. To prepare delegates for further career progression.

Course Format

This is a live three-day interactive course delivered by an experienced trainer in an online virtual classroom.

A mixture of theory and interactive exercises; role-play. We also offer the Level 4 Office Manager Diploma.

Course Content

The course joins the necessary theory with interactive sessions, practical examples and role play.

Office Manager Careers

  • Understand why your role is essential.
  • Key duties and skills
  • What is an Office Manager?  The role is defined.

Knowledge of related functional areas

  • HR (Human Resources) functions and activities- induction process
  • Project management and planning – an overview.
  • Health and Safety for Office Managers
  • Facilities and premises management
  • Budgeting and finance

Setting objectives

  • Why are objectives important?
  • How to set objectives for your team
  • How to coordinate with higher-level objectives


  • Learn the finer points of why effective communication is so essential; become an effective communicator and leader.
  • Learn the importance of assertiveness in performing your role
  • Assertive versus Passive behaviour

Confidence building – get your own “can do” mindset!

  • How to build your self-confidence and become a more effective performer and leader
  • Lead through example
  • Learn how to spread this confidence to the wider team

Business acumen

  • Negotiate effectively
  • Get the most out of your budget
  • Decision-making techniques
  • Problem-solving
  • Developing and recording new office procedures for streamlining and efficiency

Handling difficulty

  • Manage stress in yourself and the team
  • Effective conflict management


  • Delegation and supervision
  • Team working and leadership
  • Motivation- how to find the magic touch
  • Importance and application of objectives in the team and group dynamics
  • Working well with colleagues
  • Coaching as a tool

Managing time

  • Time management
  • Prioritisation
  • Organising the team

Importance of the client

  • Why are customers so important
  • How to keep this  in focus
  • Complaint handling

Future career

  • Career Development Plan

Dates and Duration

Three-day course running from 10:30 to 16:30 each day.

Suitable for

  • Existing administration staff looking to progress in their career
  • Existing office managers looking to consolidate their knowledge and efficiency and get the related certification
  • People looking for a career change and upskilling


Improved and more confident in the job performance

A true understanding of the role and how to operate efficiently within it.

Certification issued on successful completion – IEAA Level 4 Certification


Improved employability and confidence on the job.

The ability to progress to higher positions using the techniques learned to prove your worth