This Office Manager Diploma attached to the main Office Manager Course is designed to supplement and incorporate the skills necessary for competent operation.

Course Format

There are three days of live interactive training, where the Office Manager Course is covered. This is followed by a Microsoft Office training that is available on flexi-time and can be completed online. You are given up to three months for this training, enabling you to work around your schedule.

Office Manager Diploma

Two elements comprise this Office Manager Diploma:

Dates and Duration

Three days virtual classroom course, tutor-led classes, plus additional flexi-time for Microsoft Office training and exams up to three months as needed.

Suitable for

The course is suitable for a wide range of backgrounds, including:

  • Administration staff looking to develop their career
  • Existing office managers looking to consolidate current performance and obtain career-related certification.
  • People from other fields looking to make a career change and up skill.


Enhanced on the job performance with greater control of day to day operations and confidence.

Skills are upgraded to the point that further career progression should follow based on techniques acquired and steady implementation thereof.


Level 4 IEAA Office Manager Diploma

Substantial on-the-job performance enhancement and improved employability