Project Management Course for Executive Assistants that provide Executive Assistants, Executive PAs, Office Managers and other administrative professionals a sound overview of Projects. The course provides an in-depth overview of Project Management theory, models, tools and skills. The Course is focused on ensuring that EAs, Executive PAs and other administrative professionals can hone their skills from their current careers to be successful Project workers.

Course Benefits

  • Project Management models, including PRINCE2, the Project Lifecycle and others
  • This course is CPD Accredited and you will receive a certificate from the CPD Standards on completion.
  • Get a professional qualification to build your Career profile
  • How to handle deadlines and time pressures in this field
  • Constraint and resource management
  • Planning your project
  • Sound comprehension of key project terminologies
  • Numerical, and graphical presentation and control of Project
  • Communication skills in a Project
  • What it takes to be a project manager; skills and qualities
  • What could go wrong with projects and how to prevent potential problems or even failure
  • How to plan using Project Management models, tools and techniques to ensure project success
  • What tools and methods you can use to control a project’s progression effectively
  • How to monitor processes and check everything is going as it should
  • How to make the most of the skills you have already from previous careers
  • An optimal mix of soft and technical skills to succeed in Projects
  • An overview of project management and how to make sure the projects perform as successfully as possible

Project Management Course for Executive Assistants

Who is suited to this course?

This course is aimed at Executive Assistants, Executive PAs, Office Managers and other Administrative professionals. It can suit those already working within project roles and those looking to move into a Project Management role.

Course Format

This is a virtual classroom-based training course that helps with learning. You’ll also get to interact with other people on the course and take part in exercises to help make sure you have confidence in your abilities to manage a project.

Course Content

Day One

– An overall introduction to the key concepts in Project Management
– The Project Lifecycle and an in-depth look at the key stages
– Project terminology and associated models
– How to plan a project and manage it properly
– What soft and technical skills you’ll need to be a successful project manager
– Getting Project Roles – what experience and key skills could work in your favour when moving into Projects
– How to manage a project, stakeholders and the team
– Effectively managing time and budgets
– Case studies of real situations and a look at how you would deal with them
– How you close a project and analyse how well it performed

Day Two

– An overview of PRINCE2
– An overview of Project Management IT software
– Closing off and post-completion audit
– Controlling and Executing a Project
– Formal documentation from Project: PIDs, Feasibility plans, proposals and other Projects
– Defining, researching and planning the project; SWOT, Cost-Benefit Analysis and Objectives
– Using Gantt Charts, Critical Path Analysis and other methods to present project progress, monitor and control.
– In-depth review of the Project Lifecycle
– Risk Management
– Project constraints

Dates and Duration

This is a two-day course held between 10:30-16:30 each day. The course is delivered in a Virtual Classroom.

The One Day Course

We also offer a briefer version of the course, a one-day workshop: CLICK HERE for information on the one-day Projects courses.


Project Management Course for Executive Assistants CPD Certificate is issued upon completion. The CPD Standards Institute in London allows delegates to gain a professional certificate.