The Report Writing course aims to deliver an understanding of the process, and indeed the art, of writing quality reports. It will create readiness to start writing good reports after course completion.

Course Format

Intensive one day course 10:30 to 16:30. Tutor led delivery in a virtual classroom. The tutor is a qualified English tutor with considerable experience in business writing and generally business.  The course is therefore focused on the needs of modern professionals.

There is a practical session to compliment the tutor led material.

Report Writing Course

  • Setting out to write well-planned reports
  • Planning – get this right, and everything else follows
  • Adapting your style to different types of report
  • The logical stages in report writing
  • Obtaining and clarifying your terms of reference
  • Collecting and collating your data
  • Get your information organised
  • Create your report in  the planned structure
  • Find your own style in writing
  • Layout, and Presentation
  • Redrafting and checking

Dates and Duration

It runs from 10:30 to 16:30, UK Time.

Course requirements

At least an intermediate level of Business English.


Delegates will gain a Certificate on successful completion.

More confidence and practical application strength in writing reports.