The PA Course – Level 3 Certificate forms part of the IEAA qualification framework. This PA Course offers a recognised professional qualification to anyone looking to become a successful PA. This course provides face-to-face training within a virtual classroom.

PA Course

Course Benefits

  • Face-to-face training led by a live tutor with a virtual classroom
  • Well-recognised qualification internationally
  • The course was designed with the help of modern employers to develop a highly practical course.
  • Many work-simulated exercises ensure students gain the practical skills required by modern firms.
  • Gain the confidence to be a successful PA.
  • Gain a wide range of PA skills to meet employers’ requirements.
  • CV Optimisation and preparation/advice for job hunting
  • You will become confident as you develop these new skills
  • We offer the PA Diploma – Level 3 for people looking to complete this Certificate and the Microsoft Office Diploma for a PA.
  • You can opt to continue your studies to Level 4 – Executive PA Courses

Course Content

  • The PA role; study job content and details
  • Effective control and process of the Diary through intelligent management thereof
  • Learn the correct format and writing style for Business letters
  • Prepare E-mails and perfect the professional style of writing
  • The correct style for Document Presentation
  • Proofreading
  • Let us help you build your CV
  • Efficient and correct use of the telephone
  • Managing your boss’s travel and hotel itineraries
  • Systems for modern file management and filing
  • Make effective use of your time
  • Information on petty cash and invoicing
  • Care of your company’s clients and the importance thereof
  • How to handle complaints
  • Plan your work effectively
  • Become more confident; you will feel better, and interviews will be much easier.
  • Learn to type and use audio transcription systems; if you already have these skills, enhance them using our systems.
  • Touch Typing train

Course Format

This is live training with a real tutor in a virtual classroom; the tutors will have many years of experience both on the job and as a tutor.

Training for touch typing is on a flexi-time basis up to two months after the course but can be started before the course.


PA Certificate Level 3 of the IEAA qualification framework.

Dates and course schedule

The course takes place over one intensive weekMonday to Friday, 10:30 to 16:00.

Flexible study options are available also.

You have up to two months to complete the typing section of your course.

Who should take the Course?

Here are just a few of the profiles of former students, but there are many more:

  • People who already are PAs and aiming to bolster their skills
  • PAs seeking to attain a recognised certificate and qualification
  • People seeking a career change and looking to get PA roles
  • Working parents who are looking to return to work or change their careers to fit their family needs
  • Corporate clients seeking to enhance the skills of existing employees and new hires