This Social Media Course is designed to clearly understand how to launch and run a social media campaign for your employer. The course focuses on Twitter, LinkedIn, Search Engine Optimisation and Facebook. Businesses increasingly require Social Media, and modern PAs, Executive PAs and Executive Assistants are often required to work on Social Media campaigns.

Course Format

The course is held in a virtual classroom with a tutor. There are several practical exercises. The workshops can be formed around your practical examples from work/business.

Who should take this course?

Executive Assistants, Executive PAs, Office Managers, PAs and Virtual Assistants who are becoming involved in their employer’s social media campaign. However, the course could suit anyone looking to launch/administer a Social Media Campaign.

Social Media Course


The course runs from 10:30 to 16:30 for one day.

Course Content

Twitter (X)

  • Intro to X
  • Constructing the perfect X profile
  • Starting Tweeting – what, how and who to say it to
  • Finding who and how to follow – strategic following and followers
  • What are the different types of retweets – which to use, when and how to get retweeted
  • Retweets Hashtags, trends and search feed
  • Lists: creating, following and using
  • Advanced search techniques – finding potential opportunities


  • Setting up a profile (personal and business) – Building your network
  • How and when to search/add people we’ve come in contact with
  • How to engage with those people – LinkedIn etiquette
  • What to do to keep profiles/updates ‘fresh’
  • Groups – what to join and how to contribute


  • Setting up the page ready for new ‘likes’
  • Understanding the business page
  • Ideas for populating the timeline
  • How to grow page ‘likes’
  • Other business pages
  • Facebook advertising


  • Understand what SEO is
  • Develop SEO on your site
  • Work with your business to enhance SEO
  • Coordinate SEO with other Social Media
  • Drive more visits to your website