The Executive PA Academy has formed a partnership with a Typing Training specialist, in order to offer a CPD Accredited Touch Typing Course Online. This is taken on a flexible schedule and it can fit around your schedule.

Typing Course Online

It is delivered on an interactive learning system that enables you to learn the technique for fast and accurate typing. You learn constantly through practical exercises. The only way to advance your typing speed and accuracy is through practical exercises.

Course Content

  • Basic techniques and methodologies of touch typing
  • Learning to touch type without looking at your keyboard
  • Slowly develop the positioning of your hands to touch type
  • Exercises to train each finger to move correctly to gain accuracy and speed
  • Improving accuracy by memorising your keyboard
  • Improving your speed by correct positioning of hands and fingers
  • Touch Typing exercises
  • Important keyboard skills & functions to improve the speed
  • Getting rid of bad habits and practices
  • You will receive access to a typing programme that you can use at home to keep practising and building your typing speed

Our programme is available for you to use and practice for a full year from the date that you commence.

Course Outcome

  • CPD Accredited Certification
  • Build your CV with a professional qualification
  • Gain new work skills
  • Gain a fast typing speed
  • Typing with as high level of accuracy
  • Many PA roles will test your typing, so pass these tests with new found confidence