We have developed a Virtual Assistant Course that aims to develop the industry knowledge and confidence needed to launch your own VA Business. The course reviews the different ways to start your VA business.

Virtual Assistant Course 

The course is CPD Accredited and you will receive a Certificate on completion. This course is designed for experienced PAs, Executive Assistants or similar professionals. It will enable them to understand how to transition into being a Virtual Assistants. If you do not have experience as a PA, EA or similar, you should consider training in these areas first.

Course Content

  • How to Research and Develop Your Virtual Assistant Business
    • Create Business Plan
    • Market Researching to build a strong business plan
  • Promote your new Virtual Assistant Business
    • Develop a new Business strategy for your VA Business
    • Learn how to create a marketing plan
    • Client Care and the Importance of customer relations in your new business
    • Product mix to be successful in the market
    • Digital marketing, social media and managing your website.
    • Marketing is an essential part of your business
  • Legal Business Structures
    • VAs can choose from a range of business structures and this is fundamental to setting up your ideal business conditions.
    • The course is designed to ensure that VAs are able to gain an understanding of the structure that will offer them the best options.
  • Develop a Financial and Business Plan for your unique VA Business
    • All new businesses need a plan and it is essential to ensure that a clear business plan is created.
    • This should include Cash Flow forecasts, budgets and more.
  • The next stage of consolidating and growing your unique VA Business
    • How to consolidate a new business into a long-term business and ensure you are always looking to grow effectively.

Course Dates and Duration

The course is delivered in an interactive workshop for one day. All training is in an online virtual classroom. After completion of the one day, there is an option to continue to work on the exercises and information from the one-day workshop for one month, with the assistance of our team.

Virtual Assistant Course Requirements

Experience as an EA, PA or Office Administrator is ideal. However, this course can suit other job types, so if in doubt please do ask.

Virtual Assistant Course Benefits

  • Develop a range of skills with which to open a new VA business venture
  • Gain an understanding the basics of planning and structuring for the business
  • Develop your understanding how to build plans in the business, financial and marketing areas
  • Learn how to gain clients through traditional ways and through the Internet or social media channels
  • Gain the knowledge and confidence to go it alone and run a successful VA Business
  • You will understand how to gain a competitive advantage over other VAs

Remember that this career option is very difficult and the skills that made you a good EA or PA will help you in the VA field. However, being a good EA or PA will not guarantee success if you do not consider the business elements to this career.

You will receive CPD Certification as a VA to impress prospective customers