If you are someone that wants to brush up their touch typing skills then this one day course offered by Souters might well be the right choice for you. Souters have put together a fully inclusive class, which teaches you touch typing under the guidance of an experienced typist, so you get to learn from the best. This will give the chance to learn how to type quickly as well as to a high leave of accuracy.


The course teaches the foundations of touch typing as well as showing you methods to speed up your skills.


You can check our schedule to see which dates we have available which suit you. A days lesson will start at 10am and finish at 4:30pm. After this you’ll be given access to an exclusive online training system so that you can carry on with practicing your new skills and make sure that you get the most out of your classroom training. This is ideal because it means that you have 3 months after you finish your one day workshop to work on your skills and brush up your touch typing efficiency.

Course Format

The course is held by someone who plenty of experience as both a secretary and a tutor. You’ll be taught how to touch type and how to get to grips with using your keyboard at home.

What You’ll Learn

You’ll get to learn how to touch type and how to brush up on any touch typing skills you already have. You get 12 weeks after the course to fine tune your skills and you’ll also get a certificate that you can use to support future job applications.

What It Costs

For just £299 you get the one off work shop class and three months practice online to perfect your skills.