Course Aim:

To provide an engaging, flexible and user friendly approach to learning the skill of an accurate touch typist from beginners through to those that are advanced.

To certify and highlight the skills achieved to benefit employment opportunities.

Course Details:

Flexibility is key with our touch-typing course and is able to fit well around a whole host of differing schedules, meeting all requirements.

We offer the course at our training college during office hours, or from the comfort of your home.  With the college open most evenings and Saturdays, tutors are available to assist and guide you through the course.

Course Content:

By being able to move along at a pace that suits you and your schedule, the course provides exercises to help you learn the techniques and build speed in a practical, enjoyable way.

For beginners or those wanting to refresh their existing touch-typing skills and experience, the course will introduce the techniques and hand positioning needed with assessments throughout.

Those that are more advanced in touch-typing, practical exercises to help build speed and accuracy are on offer.

Course Results:

Fast and accurate typing skill is a necessary skill for those working in secretarial, PA or administrative roles and many firms place emphasis on the requirement for strong typing skills when seeking new employees.

Students will become confident with touching typing and will develop their skills in fast and accurate typing speed. This knowledge of touch-typing often leads to students achieving speeds well over 65 wpm, a speed at the higher end of employer requirements.

Additionally, this course is able to suit all as it can be done at home or at the office; and though laptop use is okay we recommend using a standard keyboard for which we have discounted keyboards for those that need them, in order to enable students to practice at home.


The course is very flexible with timing and can it completed at any time at home or during office hours if you choose to visit us; furthermore, you have up to one year to continue the course.


Course Students:

This course fits everyone of every level, from beginners to experienced professionals but that typing speeds can improve at differential rates, from person to person.

Course Requirements:

There are no specific course requirements and both beginners and those that are more experienced are welcome.

Course Benefits:

Testing and certification are provided at the end of the course.

The course is flexible and can be completed both part-time and full-time.

Assistance in office hours is available from live tutors.

The course can be taken at home, at work or in our centre; whichever suits you and your schedule best.

Course Outcome:

Typing test then certification from an accredited college on successful completion