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Souters has been a leading providing of business and office skills training since 1988. Some of our most successful graduates have taken our PA Courses, which are delivered live tutors in a face to face learning environment. Our tutors are both experienced as PAs and PA trainers. Here are some of the benefits of our courses:


- We have a range of course that cover different areas, to meet your training needs.

- We can cater from beginner levels through to Executive PA skills workshops.

- Our PA Courses vary; so that you can choose between a part-time or full-time training course.

- Our PA Courses are highly practical to help develop confidence, practical skills and knowledge.

- Work simulated exercises assist students in develop  their skills to a level of job readiness.

- Microsoft Office Training is available to varying levels. It can be added on to your Courses or purchased at a discounted price in the Diploma. You can select the program and level of learning in order to meet your training needs.

- Souters tutors are experienced professionals who have worked for many years as PAs and trainers. 

- PA Course has been designed specifically to meet demands of employers.


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  • Secretary Foundation Course
    This course provides students with a realistic and practical introduction to the functions and skills required to gain an entry level job in this field Objective To provide entry level assistance to get your first junior administrative,secretarial or receptionist role. It can also be a foundat..
  • Secretary PA Course
    Live tutor led, practical and interactive Secretary PA Course. The best means of securing a Secretary or PA Career Course Objective Our objective for the student is to provide face to face training in all the important aspects of a PA role thereby preparing the student fully to start a job and..
  • Secretary PA Diploma
    This Diploma provides the full grounding of skills which are needed to move into a PA or secretary role. By combining our live, face to face, Secretary PA Course with state of the art training in MS Office and typing skills.  A sure way of getting that PA job you feel is right for you. Cours..
  • Touch Typing Courses
    If you are someone that wants to brush up their touch typing skills then this one day course offered by Souters might well be the right choice for you. Souters have put together a fully inclusive class, which teaches you touch typing under the guidance of an experienced typist, so you get to learn f..
  • Bookkeeping Training Course
    Objective This course aims to give a thorough and clear understanding of the basic principles of book-keeping and also introduce computerised bookkeeping. Course Format The course runs for two days and is led by a Tutor in a classroom environment. There will be revision and practical exerci..
  • Minute Taking Course
    Personal assistants and secretaries, company secretaries and legal secretaries among others, need to specialise in Minute Taking. Minute taking is an essential ability for any administrative or business professional. Minute Taking Course Souters' one day Minute Taking course is held at our tra..